Pre-Sale Pass: Registration opens 2 weeks prior to each event!  To qualify for our Back To School event, you must be an educator or military member.  To qualify for our fall and spring kid's event, you must be a new parent or military member. Spots are limited. 



Concierge: Bring your items to us and we will prep them, price them, and bring them to the event for you!  Earn 50% plus a pre-sale pass.  Donate or pick-up your unsold items (if there are any)!  Once your items are ready to be delivered to us, send us an email.



Sell: Clean out the clutter and cash it! Earn 65%-80% on your sold items!  Volunteer to earn more (plus, get out the the house and meet awesome people!).

Preparation and SuppliesWhat can I sell?

Pricing guidelines




Shop: Our items are organized by size and category.  The items have computerized tags, therefore, you get an itemized receipt.  Plus, WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.  We sanitize and pay taxes.  Check us out and help yourself and your local community!
Upcoming Events....

Our "Big Kid" summer event.

July 30, 31 & Aug 1

3T-young adults (junior clothing) plus books, electronics, desks and more. No toys or infant accessories! Join our

Facebook Event Group for updates.



(we tag it)

Fall &Winter 2015 

Dates TBD

Ages Newborn through juniors.  Anything and everything related to children and maternity items.  This includes fall and winter clothing, shoes, accessories, nursery furniture, bouncers, strollers, Legos, books, toys and more.  Don't miss out!

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